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Posted by : Unknown July 17, 2014

To get things started I'm going to roll up a couple ideas, I'm not going to get real detailed here, I already know that this is going to start a multi-adventure campaign involving the Sith and other Star Warsy goodness. So I just want a few basic ideas to get begin with and then let the story come to me.

Adventure Type: Villainous Group
Opposition: Rogue Military
Theme: Resistance to Progress
Plot Device: A World in Trouble (28) - A world is threatened and must be saved.
Plot Device: Picard to Enterprise! (611) - The PCs get trapped somewhere and must escape.
Action + Thing: Find Collector
Action + Thing: Renew Daylight

Complication: Travel Problems
Complication: Bad News
Plot Device: Disgraced (210)
Plot Device: Hijackers (390)
Action + Thing: Destroy Wormhole
Action + Thing: Force Shipping/Transport
Action + Thing: Disguise Corpse
Location: Mall (Shopping Center)
Location: Pier (Landing Pad Pier)
Location: Balcony

Notes: Obviously this new Sith uprising puts a planet in danger, but it’s really a trap designed to get a response from the Galactic Senate.

And it looks like there may be a twist involved for our crew, either on the way or once they get there someone plans to hijack the ship. Is it part of the overall Sith plot or something else?!

So without further ado...




A distress signal has been received in Coruscant from the distant planet Ullbactor informing the Senate of an impeding takeover of all government and military centers on the planet. Before any more information could be acquired the signal went dead, leaving Republic military leaders scrambling to send a response team.

The Dawn of Serenity freshly docked in atmosphere above the Galactic Capital was preparing for a refitting and its crew preparing for several weeks of shore leave. Now they are called into immediate service to travel to the planet Ullbactor and discover what has happened to the planet...

Act One

I want the characters to get through at least six scenes before they get to the planet and the main storyline really begins to unfold. I have no idea what will happen in those scenes, and I don't need to! The Event Scene creator will guide me through each one. So let's start with the actual scene creation and play out act one...

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