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Posted by : Unknown September 9, 2013

So what is solo roleplaying? It's playing RPGs all by yourself! Of course solo roleplaying can be hard because rulebooks are written with several players in mind. Normally you have a Game or Dungeon Master who will handle running the narrative and all the people the heroes meet, while everybody else plays a Player Character. In solo roleplaying it's just you, so you need a way to fulfill all those roles while still having a good time.

Supplements like the Adventure Creator and Solo GM Guidebook provide a system for solo roleplayers to use so that they can wear all the hats of gameplay, while still having a good time, and not spoiling future events for themselves. After all, not knowing what comes next is half the fun!

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  1. Hi Frank ! Will you be updating this blog ? I bought your book ages ago but it is only now that I'm really using it. A great resource for my solo sci-fi campaign #StarPax ! Thanks !


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