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Descent the RPG - Oath of the Outcast

By : Unknown
This adventure is a fantasy themed RPG campaign using the rules from Descent the RPG book (which you can see on Scribd). Since FFG has started releasing Hero and Monster Collections for Descent 2nd Edition, which contain a lot of models but only two little adventures for the game, I thought this product would work great for expanding into a roleplaying adventure.

The two adventures it does come with sets up a nice story about an evil force attempting to raise 12 undead warriors using powerful magic. In the board game the heroes can stop this, but that's no fun! So instead our heroes arrive too late, cutting down the monsters who guard the temple where the remains are guarded only to see the 12 warriors come to life and escape on the backs of razorwings.

Who is responsible for this blasphemous crime, and what terrors might these 12 powerful beings bring once they have been restored to full power? Only brave and intrepid heroes can find out!

Let's start by filling out our Plot Sheet:

Adventure Type: Crime Solving
Opposition: Invaders/Outsiders
Motivation: Mastery
Theme: Old Age
Plot Device: Isn’t He Cute? - Someone gets a pet.
Plot Device: It’s All About Logistics
Action + Thing: Steal Murder
Action + Thing: Serve Honor

Complication: Abrupt Change of Events
Complication: Unlucky
Plot Device: Eavesdropping - Someone is listening in.
Plot Device: Friendly Game of Tennis - A disguised murder attempt.
Action + Thing: Move Gruesome Scene
Action + Thing: Refuse Medicine
Action + Thing: Smuggle Advanced Engineering
Location: Ruins
Location: Outpost
Location: Noble’s Office

Notes: These 12 terrible undead warriors have been raised, our brave heroes were able to see what happened, but it was too late to stop them!

Now they are called upon by the religious group that protected the spot and the local population to seek out who is responsible and stop them before things go any further than they already are. Being professional heroes and champions they may be the only people around who can do anything, and will be well supported in their endeavor.

Obviously the first things are to investigate the scene of the crime, and then talk to locals who can help and provide more clues. The different plot devices and action + things gave me a few ideas for future directions the plot may go in the first act.

Oh and before we forget, let's meet our heroes:


I used the descriptions provided by FFG to give each character some traits, but then I rolled up some additional ones to give them all a little more complexity.

Trenloe the Strong

"The heroes’ quest to keep the overlord from raising an undead army is aided by the overwhelming might of Trenloe the Strong, a Warrior of titanic strength. Many mistakenly attribute Trenloe’s title to his abilities: to march for days without rest or to cleave through iron plate with one blow. But it is Trenloe’s determination and undying loyalty to his friends, that has earned him his name. His comrades may joke that his greatest skill is stubbornness, but if asked to pick a man to guard their backs, it is always Trenloe the Strong."

Attitude : Stubborn (Combative)
Social : Laconic (Down-to-Earth)
Character : Loyal (Farsighted)

Laurel of Bloodwood

"As one of four heroes available to you in Oath of the Outcast, Laurel of Bloodwood is a dangerous elf, and her ancestral skills can serve a group of heroes to good effect. It was Laurel’s ancestors that soaked the barren plains of Di’zon with the blood of 10,000 barbaric invaders. Returning the following morning, the elven defenders found saplings as red as scarlet had sprung up, covering the entire expanse. Laurel is proud of her heritage: having fulfilled her years of service, she now travels the world, displaying the skill and cunning that belongs to a sister of Bloodwood."

Attitude : Cunning (Mischievous)
Social : (Intimidating)
Character : (Vindictive)

Elder Mok

"Gifted from birth by an unknown power, Mok has always been set apart. His impressive size and intellect gave him a distinct advantage on the battlefield and in the council tent, and he became an influential leader in his tribe early. He lost much of his favor, however, when he began to spread a message of peace and reconciliation. His message was despised and rejected, and Mok was cast out, but he still brings his words to any who will listen."

Attitude : Considered (Laid-Back)
Social : Paternal (Guarded)
Character : Wise (Trusting)


"It is widely believed that Shiver’s origins are connected to the Shadow Tear and the fall of the Daewyl elves. However, even he cannot confirm this. His earliest memories are punishment and penance, with nothing prior. A desperate and sorrowful soul, Shiver exemplifies humble service among friends and reckless abandon in a fight, giving his all to earn the forgiveness and peace he desires more than anything else."

Attitude : Indefatigable (Inquisitive)
Social : (Phlegmatic)
Character : Humble (Righteous)

Next post we'll move on to the first act and get to adventuring!

Knights of the New Republic Adventure One - First Act

By : Unknown
Act One
Now we start our adventure for real! Since this is Star Wars it helps to prime the imaginative pump a little, I have to remember to slide transition every scene and see the action in 24 frames per second. Also thanks to the people who put up all the Star Wars soundtracks on Youtube, a good soundtrack is an indispensable tool for the mind.

Scene One

Event: Bad to all PCs
Action: Plan

So we begin with the first scene of our adventure. Captain Ghraystar, Commander Iyonsteen, and the three Jedi assigned to their ship (Haywren, Bing, and Leandrre) have summoned to a Senate meeting chamber to be given their mission.

There they meet with Chancellor Ben'Lorian and Admiral Jwilek-Fango. The admiral gravely explains the situation at hand, fearing that the planet of Ullbactor may have fallen to a violent invasion force or internal coup. As the crew looks on at a 3D hologram of the planet, they are told to travel to the planet at maximum hyperdrive and investigate the situation, rescuing any survivors who are in danger should they still be alive.

Also it is added that some believe the Sith currently are to be found hiding and operating along the edges of the galaxy, and that the Jedi on-board should be vigilant in sensing possible dark influence wherever they go.

Scene Two

Event: Bad to a PC
Action: Testify
Thing: Plotters
Plot: Back and to the Left - An assassination has occurred.
Opposition: Conspirators
Location: Space Battle

We see a shuttle rise from the planet's surface (with over-produced solar glare!) and dock within the Dawn of Serenity. Captain Ghraystar montages her way onto the bridge, the ship is large, but doesn't have a large crew along with it. She announces to the whole ship that it's unfortunate that their scheduled break is being cancelled having just come back from a long scouting mission, but that the ship has been re-outfitted for the mission and that they will be leaving within one hour.

As she finishes the security chief Greer Xulon (actually a commando in the Republic Armed Forces) arrives at the bridge with two officers and a crying Kaymee Hutstruff, the ship's mechanic. The somber look from Greer gets the Captain's attention before the rest of the party even enters through the door.

"Is there a problem Major Xulon?"
"There's been an incident Captain," Greer said stopping to stand at attention. "Down in the engineering complex, you may want to come see for yourself, it's Wollwold, he's dead."

We cut to the engineering complex, Braygo Wollwold, the Ryn mechanic for the Dawn of Serenity is dead on the metal floor, killed by a head wound caused from a falling piece of machinery that looks like a very heavy flywheel.

"It seems like the part came loose of it's holdings and struck Wollwold while he was performing diagnostics to make sure the engine relays had all been recoupled by the dock engineers. They already had her half taken apart apparently when the orders came in."

The Captain turns her sympathetic attentions to young Kaymee, "Did you see it when it happened?"

"No captain," she replied still showing the effects of her crying and shock. I left him here to run the diagnostic tests while I went down to level 13 to fix a bad wiring, when I came back ten minutes later he was dead..."

"I'm sorry," said the Captain. "Major Greer get the rest of the engineering team down here and assist them in double checking the whole section to make sure the rest of this thing has been replaced properly. And see Engineer Hutstruff back to her quarters so she can get some time to rest."

"But that's the thing Captain!" Kaymee suddenly protested. "We checked down and up the whole thing to make sure she was back together, that section was solid, it couldn't have just come loose."

"You should go back to your quarters and take it easy. The rest of the engineering crew is capable of handling things right now."

Scene Three
Event: Bad to all PCs
Action: Disrupt

Thing: Art Collection
Plot: Assimilation - A terrible force is infecting things.
Opposition: Psychic Villain
Location: Monastery

The Dawn of Serenity is en route to the distressed planet, everything seems to be in working order, and despite the freak accident that killed Engineer Wollwold the rest of the engine seemed to be in perfectly fine order.

In her office the Captain stares out the window toward space, her instincts tell her something is wrong and that she headed into great danger.

On the bridge the staff oversee the largely independent and on-going operations of the ship while in hyperdrive. Navigator Klango has the bridge. A transmission comes on over the bridge speakers: "Hello bridge, this is Groulkynn," said a habitually relaxed voice.

"Yes Groulkynn, what can I do for you?" Klango responded back to the Jedi, flipping on his communicator from the Captain's chair.

"It seems our chamber's door is transfixed. The panel says it is not locked, nor suffering a power problem. Is there anything we should know about?"

Klango turned to an officer on station, "Is there any system problem going on?"

"I'm not showing anything wrong, the door should be operational."

"It must be the door, I'll send someone down immediately to get it open for you," Klango spoke up into the air. He turned to a nearby crewmember, "Ensign Namar could you attend to the temple door, get someone out of engineering if you need to."

"Right away sir," Ensign Namar replied while briskly heading for the turbolift outside the bridge. He got into it and began to head down to engineering, but after several levels it slowly seemed to lose energy and finally stalled. Trying the automatic door open button had no effect.

"Navigator Klango, this is Namar. It seems there's a technical problem with the lift as well, I'm stuck between floors and the override won't work."

An oddly worried look came over the Navigator's face, this simply wasn't how the ship behaved. "No problem Ensign Namar, let us see if we can get control from the bridge, if not we'll shut down power and then you can use the physical override."

"Got that."

Klango again turned to the officer on station, "Any reading on the turbolifts?"

"They should be operational, but it is stuck between floors. Giving it an override command now... Sir, it's not working."

"Activate the breaks and cut power. Tell Ensign Namar he can use the physical override to get out once it's safe."

"Navigator Klango, how is the operation coming along?" asked Groulkinn over the intercom. "I ask because we cannot help but notice some slight but uncommon effects with the atmosphere in the temple."

"Is the air circulation on? It's getting slightly harder to breathe," added Bing Fallaxen.

"We're having an odd holdup here, stand by."

Just then the Captain entered the bridge from her office, "Is there a problem Navigator?" she asked sensing some tension.

"I'm looking into it Captain," he turned back to the station officer, "Are there are problems with the ventilation, life support?"

"The system isn't showing anything, sir."

"Check the actual sensor in the room."

"Getting a reading... Sir the oxygen level in that room is at half level. It's still dropping. How could it be dropping this fast?"

"Something is catalyzing the air," the Captain looking over the officer's shoulder.

"Leandrre!" Klango immediately yelled switching on the communicator, "You've got to open up that door yourself and do it as fast as possible."

* * *

We cut to the inside of the Jedi's small meditation temple, where Leandrre and Bing have been waiting next to the door, while Haywren remains on the far side of the room still in meditation.

As Klango finishes speaking Haywren opens her eyes and suddenly feels herself choking as she is unable to breathe, the other two Jedi see her immediately struggling.

"Hurry!" shouts Bing as both her and Leandrre draw their lightsabers and begin cutting through the door, each beginning to slowly cut out an L shape to create a full square big enough to climb through. As the square is finished both Jedi are holding their breath, Leandrre kicks strongly at the door and the newly cut panel falls out. Bing acrobatically jumps backward in a straight motion, landing with arms around the now incapacitated Haywren. She leaps back now with her, sliding through the hole in the door first and bringing her unconscious friend with her afterward. Leandrre guides Haywren's feet through and then jumps out of the room himself.

"Down here!" they hear the shout of Major Xulon at the end of the corridor as Leandrre's feet hit the ground. He's standing by the bulkhead door, ready to seal the corridor off once they are through. He does so as soon as they are past him and Namarri Lightspear, Major Xulon's commando partner and second-in-command of security immediately wraps a breather around Haywren.

"We're all contained down here Captain," Xulon reports as Haywren takes a sudden deep breath and jumps back to life.

Scene Four
Event: Bad to a PC
Action: Hide
Thing: Crew
Plot: Space Amazons
Opposition: Warlike Aliens
Location: Marketplace

The command crew along with the Jedi are gathered in their meeting room off the bridge. There have been no further obvious attempts on lives, but the ship continues to malfunction...

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